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Welcome to the Avatar Talk livejournal community! ^_^ What is Avatar Talk? The anime online community, Gaia Online, has a subforum for those of us who appreciate Gaia's unique customizable avatar system. Basically, we're the fashion police of Gaia.

You don't have to be a regular to join. You just need to have a love for Gaia's avatars and the desire to get to know your kindred spirits!

My name is Konami Shojou, and I'm the moderator of this community. You'll find that there are very few rules to follow to join this community.

1. Do not post quiz results. I know they're very fun and I appreciate the art some of them have, but if one person posts a quiz result, everyone will, and that would clutter up the community. ^^;;

2. Don't flame. I don't have to ask you to be nice and respect each other, right? If you do happen to have a problem with a fellow community member, it would be better if you addressed each other outside of the community. If you have a problem with the community as a whole, feel free to leave a comment in my personal journal, konami_nami, or you can e-mail me through the address provided above.

3. Have fun! The whole point of creating this community was to further bond the users who frequent the AT forum.

That's it for now! I hope you enjoy this community. See you in the AT!